Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing 'Comments' on Animaker! Give feedback, assign tasks and collaborate like never before! πŸ’¬πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»




A couple of years back when the Covid pandemic just hit and while the world was moving into lockdown, Animaker 2.0 was launched. The Real time multi-user collaboration feature in Animaker 2.0, like a superhero, paved the way for the users to cope up with remote working as the world was adapting to the challenges of working from home.πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Today, even after 2 years into the pandemic, there are still multiple lockdowns and a lot of organizations are moving into remote working models permanently. We at Animaker, foresaw this in advance and we have been working behind the scenes for the last few months to make collaboration a seamless experience.

With the Animaker's Real-time collaboration feature, the users were able to create videos on the go without the need for multiple revisions. Now we've taken it up a notch and made collaboration even simpler, yet powerful.

Yes! Now you can post comments, tag your team members and assign tasks, make and resolve suggestions, all in real time, so you can work together with your friends or teammates even more efficiently!πŸ‘₯

This keeps you from sending the videos back and forth for edits, looking through the series of chats and emails for suggestions from your teammates.

The new Comments section saves tons of your time and is super ideal for remote working!πŸ€“

Now lets see how to use this collaboration feature!

  1. Click on the Comment icon (speech bubble) right next to your workspace to open the comment section. You can add your comment directly to a scene and post it.

Comments 1.png

Once you post your comment, you will also have access to edit or delete the comment you posted.

Comments 2.png

  1. If you want to add a comment to a specific item on your scene like the character/property or text, you can select the desired item/asset, click the comment icon and post your comment.

Comments 3.png

  1. You can also direct the task or comment to a specific person on your team or to the person whom you have shared the video with. Just type @ and select a user from the list to tag them in the comment. The members will be notified via email when they have been tagged.

Note: When you type @ to tag someone, you will find the list of all the people you have previously shared your Animaker videos with. If the person is not on the list, please share your video with the person and then tag them in your comment.

Comments 4.png

  1. Any user with 'Edit' access to the video can reply to your comment by clicking on the 'Reply' Button.

Comments 5.png

  1. Once the changes are made, you can resolve the comment by clicking the tick βœ… icon and Mark as resolved.

Comments 6.png

Once the comment is resolved, it will stay on the 'Resolved Comments' part in the bottom of comments section for future reference. You can also re-open the comment if necessary.

Comments 7.png

Very straightforward and easy-peasy to use right?

What are you waiting for?

Go check out the new collaboration feature now!

It's time to Revisit the Wild! 1000+ New Animations added to the library! πŸ¦πŸ’




Just a while ago Animaker launched the Smart, Well Groomed, Professional looking Animal characters to help you put your imagination and script into reality.

Since then, we were relentlessly working on expanding the potential/capabilities of these animal characters. Because, we at Animaker always believe in providing our users with endless options to choose from.

The best part about Animaker characters is that each of them have unique personalities and actions. For instance, the Elephant character came with actions that can depict research or investigation while the Dog character can depict actions like spying etc.

The feedback we received for it from you users was great, and so we decided to spoil you with a lot more new actions for the animal character.

So today, we are here to announce 1000+ new actions to the Animal characters.


Yes, you heard that right! We have launched over 1000 new actions.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Animal Actions.gif

Be it a Police Tiger, who does a great job in solving mysteries, or a Doctor Penguin who can examine x-rays or a Master chef Piggy, we got it covered for you all.

These 1000+ actions are listed under major categories like Technology, Professional, and Casual so you can easily browse and pick the action you need.

How can I access these new animations?


Firstly, select the Animal character you wish to use in your video. Simply scroll down and realize that the animation library is now easily among the largest in the world.

Now go on! :)

Play around with the new animations to create your next big masterpiece.

We hope this helps you make some of the best videos the world has ever seen.

Check out the new animations to the animal characters now!

Introducing 'Smart Thumbnails' to make your videos clickable on all platforms!πŸ–±οΈπŸ‘†




A thumbnail is an image that gives a person a sneak peek into what your video is about.πŸ‘€

So, aren’t thumbnails the most important factor that makes your videos click worthy?

Yes, and I can hear you say that there are numerous applications that can help you create attractive thumbnails for your videos. What does Animaker have to do with it?

Well, here’s the thing. Except for a very few platforms like Youtube or Instagram which lets you upload custom thumbnail images, we've noticed that in all other apps that the thumbnail of the video is often the first frame of your video.

How many times have we seen a Black or White frame as the video thumbnail as we scroll through the Whatsapp forwards wondering what the video is about?


To tackle this β€˜dumb’ thumbnail problem, we're introducing 'Smart thumbnails' in Animaker, which lets you select a custom thumbnail for every video you create.

Yes, for every video you can select a frame of the video as a thumbnail or you can upload a custom image from your PC/ Laptop as a thumbnail.

To add a thumbnail to your video, move the play head on the timeline to the instance you want to be used as the thumbnail.


Now, click the dropdown menu on the top left corner and select β€˜Smart Thumbnail’

FAQ 2.png

Once you select that, you also have the option to set the current frame of the scene as a thumbnail or to upload an image of your choice from your PC/Laptop as the thumbnail image.

FAQ 3.png

Once the thumbnail is set, it will be added to the video’s Metadata and you will see the thumbnail image on all the platforms where the video is shared.

All it takes is just a click of a button to select the custom thumbnail for your videos!

Create a smart thumbnail for your video now!

P.S To know how to change the thumbnail of a video project you previously created on Animaker, you can also check out this Article here:

Enhance your video with these Classy text formatting options! πŸ” 




Animaker has always been known to help its users create studio quality videos in a Jiffy. Today, Animaker has upped its game a notch by giving access to Great Typography at your fingertips! πŸ˜‰

You can now transform the appearance of any text from Boring to Classy with just a click of a button.πŸ’«

How to add a text effect to your word/sentence?

From the text section of the Animaker library, select a text box and type your desired text.

Text 1.png

From the item menu of the text box, select the 'Fx' option to open the text effects settings!

Text effect 1.png

You now have the option to choose from a range of text effects like Shadow, Lift, Hollow, Glitch, Echo, Neon, Splice and Outline. Just click on a text effect and it will be automatically applied to your text.

Is that all?

Nope! As always, Animaker has provided you with a little extra on top of its already awesome feature!

You can customise the text effect feature any way you want. You can customize its color, tweak the thickness, blur, offset, transparency etc., to turn your text into the exact typography you want!

Text Effect 2.png

Seriously, the things you can do to your text with these new text effects is AMAZING!

Go check it out now!

Effortlessly Turn Heads now with the newly Introduced Gradient Shapes! πŸ‘€





Are you someone who thinks outside the BOX when it comes to design? πŸ”²

Are you someone who is constantly looking for ways to make your videos super unique?

If so, this is your lucky day!

It's your time to unleash your creativity with the newly introduced Gradient Shapes available in vibrant colors. 🌈

Gradient shapes are different types of standard and skewed shapes with a gradual blend of 2 or more colors. They are vibrant and more elegant than the ordinary shapes available in the Animaker library.

You can find the Gradient shapes in 'Properties' Section of the library. You can expand it by clicking the '+' option to choose from a range of Gradient shapes available.

Gradient 1.png

When you have selected your desired shape, you can customise the color and size of the shape.

Gradient 2.png

Sounds Cool, doesn't it?

Check out the Gradient Shapes now!

Step 'Into the Wild' with the return of the Animal Characters!πŸ’ 🦊 🦁





The wait is over!

Yes, the Smart, Well-groomed, Professional looking Animal characters we so missed from the Mad Scientist comic series are now available in Animaker 2.0!

Yayyy! πŸŽ‰

Animals 2.png

Boris the Bear, Henry the Elephant, Bobby the cow, T-bone the dog, Benjamin the cat, Randolf the wolf, Alan the lion and Appu the monkey are some of the Animals that are now available in the library each with an unique personality and some extraordinary skills.

With these new additions to the library, you can make a lasting impression on your sales prospect or your boss or your teachers! What can be cooler than a suited elephant presenting the product to your consumers!

Let your imagination run wild and create an amazing video that no one can ever forget! 🀩

Oh, did I forget to mention? They even have the ability to change their colors!

Change Color.png

Want to know more about the potential of these Animal characters?

Animate them now and find it yourself!

I'm sure you will be astonished!

70k New Icons to Spice up your Videos!πŸ’₯





We communicate in pictures more than ever before!

Stickers, Gifs, or emojis speak louder than words and often get the point across better than just an exciting plot with umpteen number of words.

While Animaker already has a massive collection of Stickers,. Gifs, properties and emojis, we are taking things to the next level by adding 70,000 new icons from Getty to our library.🀩


With an exciting plot, great visuals and stunning animations your videos will be nothing but the BEST!😎

So, where can you find the 70k new icons from the Animaker library?

You can select the properties tab on the left and find a separate category for icons. You can expand it by clicking β€˜+’ to find the perfect icon for your video.


What are you waiting for?

Check out the new icons now!

30K+ Premium music tracks, now at your fingertips! 🎢





Watching a video without music is like having food that doesn’t have any seasoning! 🍲

The Background score plays a vital role as it sets the mood and the energy level of your videos.

So it only makes sense for an outstanding video maker like Animaker to provide you with a selection of high quality and diverse catalog of unique music tracks.

Introducing 30000+ Premium music tracks ( from Epidemic sounds) - A meticulously curated library of world class music tracks. 😎

We've also categorised the music tracks based on the genre, mood, length etc so that you can easily find the perfect music track for your videos.

So, How can you identify these premium music tracks from the Animaker Library?

Well, the premium music tracks will have a ⭐ icon so that you can easily find the difference between the normal and the premium music tracks.

Premium tracks.png

Excited to check out the premium tracks, aren't you?

Yes! Take me to the music library!

Introducing AI Powered BG Removal and Stickerify tool





Have you ever wanted to remove the background of the image you uploaded to use in your video?

And then went on a wild goose search to find a decent enough BG removal tool only to return with despair?

Well worry no more!

Introducing AI Powered Background removal tool right inside Animaker.

How does it work?

  1. Upload any image of your choice or choose an image from the millions of stock images available in the Animaker library.

  2. Select the FX option from your item menu to open FX settings

  3. Click on Remove Background option to open the BG removal tool


  1. With an AI powered technology, the objects in the image will be automatically detected. Select the objects which you want to appear once the background is removed


  1. When you click β€˜Next’ the background of the image will be removed and only the objects you selected on the previous step will appear on the scene. You can refine it manually to create smooth cut out edges of the image


And click done. It's that easy!

Hold on…You don't have to just stop with BG removal. As you know Animaker always gives you a lot more handy features to create stunning videos.

You can now use the Stickerify tool from the FX settings to make a sticker of your image by adding borders to it.


You can also change the border color and size!


Once you are fine with the effect, click done. You will see that the image on the workspace now has the sticker effect applied. You can use this image just like any other sticker on your videos.


Try out these new features now!

Make your presentations 'Clickable' in just a click!





Without question Animaker Deck has some super cool features to help you create wow worthy presentations!🀩

To add even more zest to your presentation, we are introducing the Hyperlink feature that lets you convert any text, property or character into a hyperlink in just a single click.

Just click on the element (textbox, character or property) to which you want to add hyperlink and switch the Hyperlink toggle on from the settings.


With this new feature,

  • You can link the element to a website (or)

  • You can link the element to any other slide in your current presentation

Once you toggle the hyperlink option on, a drop down will appear with two options. Website and Slides.


If you choose the website option, you can add the url to the website in the textbox below.

If you choose the slides option, you can select the exact slide number to which you want the link to jump to.


It’s as simple as that!

Try out the new feature in Animaker Deck!