Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing Marketing Calendar (with Sync for Google and Outlook Calendars)

Users now get a video marketing calendar packed with engaging video ideas.

It helps you create videos for all the special days throughout the year.

With this calendar, you never have to feel stumped on what video to post on your social media channels.

You’d have tons of proven video content ideas to bolster your social media presence.

You can find the video templates we’ve created for all these days in your dashboard.

Simply navigate to the section that has the current month as its heading.

skitch (18).png

If you’d like to view all the days in the calendar, including the ones we’re yet to create templates for—we’ll soon be adding templates for various days on this calendar—simply click on the View all text button on the top right of that section.

skitch (20).png

Also, you get the ability to sync our calendar with your own work calendar so you can schedule when to create and/or publish your videos. You can sync it with your Apple, Google, Windows, or Outlook calendar.

skitch (2).png

Ready to leverage these ideas to boost your brand awareness?

View your calendar now

[New] 200+ Voices Added to Animaker Voice, Our Text-to-Speech App!

We’ve added 200+ new voices to an already huge voice library!

Along with the new voices, we’ve also added a new set of languages: Czech, Filipino, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

An animated story involves different characters with different personalities.

Now you can easily turn your text into voices that portray different characters’ personalities.

Where to find the newly added voices? In the Voice dropdown menu, look for voices that have a (New) beside them.


Test them out and pick the ones that fit your characters the best.

Check them out now

[New] Import Your Zoom Video Recordings!

Our native integration with Zoom allows you to directly import all your Zoom video recordings to Animaker.

animaker deck (2).png

This would save you a ton of time as you wouldn’t have to download and upload a video recording every time you wish to edit it using Animaker.

Our Zoom app helps you connect your Zoom account in as few as two clicks, and lets you pick just the right meetings you’d recorded to start editing them.

Also, we’ve made a bunch of virtual backgrounds for you that you can use on Zoom. Once you authorize the Animaker app on Zoom, you can find them under the Virtual Backgrounds tab. Be sure to check them out!

Our setup guide shows you how to set things up and get going in seconds.

View Setup Guide

[New] Animaker Deck, Our Presentation App, is Out!

Now users get a simple, smart app just for making presentations. We’ve designed a simple experience for creating presentations quickly.

Animaker Deck lets you create all kinds of presentations, from photo-based and video-based presentations to animation-based and typography-based presentations.

animaker deck (1).png

A few app highlights:

  • Create and use unique avatars in your presentations with the avatar builder.
  • The Animate button lets you animate all the elements in your slide with a single click. No need to manually apply an animation effect for each element.
  • The same goes for applying transitions to your slides. With a single click, you’d be able to set a transition effect to all the slides in your presentation.

Click on the Create button in the dashboard’s sidebar, then click on Create a Presentation from the dropdown to get started.

Check out Animaker Deck

[New] Added 800+ Stickers for Various Categories and Use Cases 🍩

We’ve added 885 stickers to an already extensive collection.

Now convey any message or mood quickly and clearly with a sticker. Enhancing your videos with beautiful stickers is now just a click away.

Click on the Properties tab to explore this newly added collection.

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 6.49.46 PM.png

Couldn't find a sticker you were looking for? Search for it now.

Explore the newly added stickers

[New] Animaker Voice (Beta) is Out!

It’s now possible to convert text into ultra-realistic, crystal-clear audio narrations!

Animaker now uses the NTTS (Neural Text To Speech) model to generate human-like natural sounding voices.

Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 7.02.47 PM.png

Check out Animaker Voice

2X Faster, Lighter, Smoother In-app Video Player + Enhanced Scene-scrolling Experience⚡

Our engineering team has fixed and polished the in-app player you use to preview videos/scenes. You’ll now have a much smoother, consistent experience when you play a scene (or the entire video). (2).gif

Also, with these improvements to the player, the video should be rendered immediately for you to preview it, regardless of the number of assets used.

Note: Use Chrome for a superior experience.

In addition, the scene scrolling experience has now been further enhanced to make it easier for you to move a scene up or down using your mouse or trackpad when you’ve got a lot of scenes in your video, and many of these scenes don’t happen to be visible.

With the new scroll experience, simply click and drag a scene up or down to smoothly reveal the buried scenes and accurately place it b/w them.


[Beware Beginners] 19 Pro hacks : Detailed Video Instructions to make your Animaker videos reach Studio Quality

This is not for someone who is just starting with Animaker. You can always refer to the basic animaker tutorial to get started. This is exclusive for Pro Animaker users. Stay tuned in this link we will be adding more pro hacks which are useful to up your video making skills.

Added 300+ Character Animations for a Variety of Use Cases and Industries 🤩

We’ve worked hard to add 300+ character animations — specifically, readymade character actions — to our massive library.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.19.14 AM.png

Numerous unique character actions are now available for various industries such as food, travel, fitness, business, entertainment, healthcare, and more.

These are readymade animations you can use with just a click of a button. Drop a character onto a scene and simply pick an action you want this character to perform.

Note: You can find newly added actions under the *New releases category.

Check out the newly added animations

Seamlessly Collaborate With and Manage Multiple Teams!

Want an easier way to manage and switch between multiple teams? Your wish has been granted 🎉

We’ve improved the dashboard to help you stay productive while working across multiple teams (or workspaces). You can now easily create teams, switch between teams, add new team members, etc.