Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing "Presenter View" on Animaker Deck - The Ultimate Feature for Delivering Flawless Presentations




As a presenter, you want to be in complete control of your presentation and win over your audience with full confidence.

For any presentation, a lot of time definitely goes into ideating and creating a powerful presentation that lasts long with the audience.

However, ensuring that you deliver the content effectively is crucial for both you and your audience.

Well, you don’t have to worry about effectively delivering your presentation with Animaker Deck.

Yes! Animaker Deck, your favorite online presentation software, has just launched a new feature called “Presenter View” that will change the way you present your ideas.

Copy of PPT to Video Converter (1).gif

You don’t have to worry about the order of the slides or struggle to remember your presentation notes from memory.

Presenter View allows you to control your presentation without having to leave the slide show and helps avoid any awkward silences or technical difficulties that can sometimes occur when delivering presentations.

So how can you try out the Presenter view now?

In your Animaker Deck project, the ‘Presenter view’ can be accessed under the Preview button from the top right corner of the Menu Bar.

presenter view.png

When you click on the Presenter View, two separate tabs will open in your browser. One of the tabs is called the “Audience View.” While sharing your screen with your audience, you must ensure that this is the tab shared with them.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 1.37.21 PM.png

The other tab that just opened is called the “Presenter View.” After sharing the Audience View with your audience, you can switch to this “Presenter View” tab and start presenting to your audience.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 1.24.40 PM.png

Under the Presenter View, you will have access to view your presentation notes, upcoming slides, and a timer. This feature will perfectly keep you on track and ensure you deliver your message effectively.

None of your notes or the upcoming slides will be visible to your audience, as they will only see the “Audience view” tab that was shared with them.

Whether you deliver a keynote address, pitch a new product, or present to a classroom, the “Presenter View” has everything you need to deliver a compelling and memorable presentation.

Overall, Presenter View is an excellent addition to Animaker Deck's feature list for creating and delivering engaging presentations.

We are confident that Presenter View will take the delivery of your presentations to the next level!

So stop waiting and go try it out now!

[All New tutorial] Using Chat GPT to make Youtube Videos (Easiest method for beginners!)




AI-powered tools have taken up the world by storm.

Especially tools like Chat GPT, Dall E, Midjourney, etc have proved to us the creative potential of AI.🤯

Our team at Animaker thought, what if we can harness the power of these AI tools in creating videos?

We used Chat GPT to create an engaging youtube video script. And converted that script into a customized youtube video with the help of Animaker.

And guess what?! The result was amazing!😎

We decided to share what we learned with you.

So here is a tutorial that teaches you how to create a youtube video using chat GPT and Animaker!

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Introducing AI-Powered Auto Subtitle Generator - Instantly generate subtitles in 35+ languages! 💬




Videos are the most popular form of online content!

But even the best, most informative videos won't amount to much unless it's accessible to everyone around the world! 🌎

To make the content more accessible and to increase the reach of the videos, content creators add subtitles to their videos.

But one of the biggest challenges creators face today is to spend long hours typing the captions/subtitles for the videos!⏳

Animaker has always been a savior when it comes to solving the challenges faced by content creators!

So, to solve this major challenge faced by the content creators, we are Introducing AI-Powered Auto Subtitle Generator by Animaker!

Subtitle Generator.png

With Animaker's Subtitle Generator, you can add subtitles to your videos in a Jiffy!

How to generate subtitles for your video?

1. Upload/Select your video

Click on the 'Create' button from the Dashboard and select 'Create Subtitle'. You can start by Uploading a video from your computer or select from the Animaker Exported Videos


2. Generate Subtitles with the AI powered feature

Once your Video is uploaded, you can select 'Auto Subtitle' and wait for the AI to do its Magic Trick! 💫 Within seconds, Subtitles will be generated and automatically synced to your video. Apart from the Auto Subtitle Generator, you can also manually type your subtitles or upload a subtitle file and sync it with your video!


3. Customize and Download

Once your subtitles are generated, you can customize it further by adjusting time frames, choose fonts and text styles from a myriad of options or even add animations to enhance your Subtitles. Finally, click 'Download' to download your video with the subtitles.


You can also download your subtitle file separately in .srt, .ass or .vtt formats from the translations section as shown below.


And Voila… It's as simple as that!

Wait.. The Subtitle Generator can not only generate subtitles for your video, it also lets you instantly repurpose your content for people from other parts of the world.

Wondering how?

With the 'Auto Translate' feature, you can instantly translate your subtitles into 100+ global languages!

From the Translations section, select 'Add New Language' and click ' Auto Translate'. You can choose the language of your choice from the 100's of language options available!


With the new Subtitle Generator, adding subtitles to your video has become easier like never before!

Sit back and let the Subtitle Generator do the heavy lifting.

So what are you waiting for?

Be one of the first ones to try out the AI-Powered Auto Subtitle Generator!

Check it out now!

Introducing the “Download as PDF” feature in Animaker Deck!🥳 [Export the Deck Projects as PDF and share it in a breeze]




Whether it's a Word document, an Excel sheet, or even Powerpoint Presentation, people tend to export the file as a pdf, particularly before sharing it with others.

Because one of the greatest perks of PDFs is that they are universally compatible, come in handy for transferring large files, and ensure the content is secure.

On that note, we are excited to announce that Animaker Deck, our powerful presentation maker, is geared up to help you with PDFs.

Wondering what?

Well, apart from helping you create wow-worthy presentations, Animaker Deck lets you download those awesome presentations as PDFs too.

introducing (4).gif

The “Download as PDF” feature is incredibly easy to use and involves just two simple steps.


  1. Select the download icon (downward arrow) on the top menu bar in your Deck project window.

  2. Then, click on the Download button from the drop-down menu.

Once you click on the download button, the deck project will automatically be downloaded as a PDF without any hassle!

You can also rename the file for your convenience.

Yes, it’s that simple!

And here’s what the downloaded PDF looks like.


With the addition of this ultimate feature, you will be able to create high-quality animated presentations and download them as PDFs for presenting and repurposing on social media with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Log in now to your Animaker Deck account and have a hands-on experience with the new “Download as pdf” feature!!

Try it out now!

[All New Tutorial] How to Convert a PPT to an Animated Video?!




Whether you are a school student or a business professional, Powerpoint has been our go-to tool when it comes to making a presentation.

But no one can disagree with the fact that PPT presentations are boring and outdated in this video-driven world.

giphy (22).gif

So what about those several PPTs hibernating inside the folders of your computer?

Are you going to leave them to die?

And what about your next presentation?

Are you going to create another boring PPT?!

We got the answer to all these questions.

Convert your boring PPTs into an engaging Animated video using Animaker


Import your PPT file into Animaker, add animation effects, transitions, and music tracks and download it as a video!

As simple as that!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert your boring PPTs into an exciting animated video in just a few minutes!

No more boring presentations from now on!

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Introducing Ppt to Video Converter for 500 Million Users Worldwide!🌏




The one tool that is critically used everywhere, right from Business Meetings to School Projects, by almost 500 Million People worldwide is 'PowerPoint'.

Though Powerpoint is the most go-to commonplace tool, we can't deny the fact that it becomes almost completely useless in a rapidly changing world taken over by social media.📱

So, companies spend long hours converting their PPTs to videos for the growing needs in video communication.

To solve this biggest problem faced by almost half a billion people and to save tons of their time, we are launching the State of the art 'PPT to Video Converter' in Animaker!


Though there are many online tools to convert the ppt to video by just adding dull transitions and boring Animations, what makes Animaker's 'PPT to Video Converter' State of the Art?

Once you import your ppt into Animaker, it lets you take the quality of the content to the next level with the Amazing features that Animaker has in store.

You can add even more zest to your presentation with the features like

  • A Super Powerful character builder to create billions of Characters and personalize your videos 👫
  • One Click Animation using 'Smart Move' to animate the properties and text instantly 💫
  • Library of Wacky gifs and Stickers to Zhoosh up your videos 🚀
  • 100 Million + stock assets in one place to create your videos just the way you want 👾
  • 30k+ curated music tracks used by the greatest content creators 🎶

and a lot more to create videos that truly pack a punch.

Here's a quick look on how this feature enhances you ppt and turn it into an amazing Video:



That was pretty cool, isn't it?

How to use the PPT to Video feature in Animaker?

  1. Create a New Video Project from your Dashboard.


  1. On the Menu Bar on top, click on File and then Select 'Import PPT’'


  1. Import your PPT in .pptx format and follow the Onscreen instructions to add the transitions, enter/exit effects and Music tracks of your choice.



The AI tool will do the heavy lifting and create a video for you in a matter of seconds.

You can further shape up your video by adding Characters, Gifs, Animations and a lot more!

The PPT to Video Converter makes your work a breeze, isn't it?

What are you waiting for? Capture ideas and bring them to life with the 'PPT to Video Converter' now!

Check it out!

[All New Tutorial] How you can convert any text to audio for free?!




Are you looking for a text-to-speech software to convert your text to audio?

There are many such softwares out there, but we have the best of them all!

Introducing Animaker Voice.

It has 40+ Different Language options and 200+ Unique Voices.

5 different options to edit and improve the output audio.

With 15 minutes of free audio download.

The following video explains how you can convert any text to audio step by step:

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[All new Tutorial] How to make logo Animations in under 5 minutes?




Creating a logo animation is hard. You must use multiple complex tools like Illustrator and After effects to design and animate a logo.

But not anymore!

In fact, you can create a stunning logo animation in just under 5 minutes!

In the following tutorial, we have shown how to create custom logo animations and animate them in the easiest way possible!

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It's here!!😎 The Most Awaited "PPT Import" feature is now available in Animaker Deck App!




We launched Animaker Deck with one goal:

To make Wow-worthy presentations accessible for every person in the world.

Since then, we have helped our users create more than 100K projects which are 10x more creative, jaw-dropping, and pitch-winning slide decks.

On that note, we're thrilled to announce that one of the most-requested features - Powerpoint Import is now available in the Animaker Deck App.

Let me tell you how this ‘PPT import’ feature helps the presentation-making easier for you while saving tons of your precious time!

We are aware that making presentations the old-fashioned way will make the slides look text-heavy, dull or even Boring!

But worry no more!

With this new PPT import feature, you can easily upload your Powerpoint Presentations into Animaker Deck and our AI-powered design engine will automatically convert your PPTs to the latest Animaker Slide Decks.

Yes! You’ve heard it right!

You need not re-create your presentation stack again to make it more interesting with Animaker Deck!

All you have to do is to import your PPT into Animaker Deck, add avatars, Gifs and Animations to make it Wow-worthy.

Saves a ton of your time, right?

You can find this new feature next to the Present button in the top panel.

import 1.png

Once you click on the Import button, a pop-up window opens up. In this pop-up window, you can find the Upload your file button.

You can either drag and drop the presentation file (or) you can browse and upload the files from the local disc using the Upload file button.


Follow this link -> for the video tutorial

It's as simple as that!

With Animaker Deck, you get to decide the ideal graphics, fonts style, and colours for your presentation and instantly convey your message with zeal!

The number of customizations provided in the Animaker Deck App is endless.

We hope you love this new feature as much as we do!

So, why wait? Take advantage of this new feature now and weave your magic!


[All New Tutorial] How to Make Animated Backgrounds?!




Whether it’s a zoom call or a social video, adding a good background can take it to the next level!🚀

But we have always been limited to pre-made backgrounds provided by default.

So is there a way to create custom animated backgrounds, as we wish?

Yes! In this tutorial, we have shown 4️⃣ different ways to create custom Animated backgrounds for your videos!

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