Animaker updates
Animaker updates

70k New Icons to Spice up your Videos!💥





We communicate in pictures more than ever before!

Stickers, Gifs, or emojis speak louder than words and often get the point across better than just an exciting plot with umpteen number of words.

While Animaker already has a massive collection of Stickers,. Gifs, properties and emojis, we are taking things to the next level by adding 70,000 new icons from Getty to our library.🤩


With an exciting plot, great visuals and stunning animations your videos will be nothing but the BEST!😎

So, where can you find the 70k new icons from the Animaker library?

You can select the properties tab on the left and find a separate category for icons. You can expand it by clicking ‘+’ to find the perfect icon for your video.


What are you waiting for?

Check out the new icons now!