Animaker updates
Animaker updates

[Announcement] 45+ New Global Voices Added to Animaker Voice!




Yes! Your favorite text-to-speech application - Animaker Voice just got another update to its voice library!🥳

With the recent update, you can create voice overs in loads of regional languages in the Indian, European and Arabic regions of the world.

Why is this update massive? Because it lets you customize your content in languages that are used by more than 1 Billion+ people around the world.

40+ New voices.png

You can now create voice overs in Arabic and Indian languages like - Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Tamil, and in European languages like - Spanish, German, and Portuguese (Brazilian), Afrikaans (South Africa), and Romanian (Romania).

Subsequent to the new update, our voice library now has more than 250+ unique voices and 40+ global languages🔝

That’s impressive isn’t it?🤩

So, where do you find the newly added voices? In the Voice dropdown menu, look for voices with a ‘New’ sticker next to them.


Excited to try it? Explore all voices in the Animaker Voice app now!

[All New Tutorials Alert] Learn to create Animated videos on Animaker 3.0!




As you all know that we recently launched the 3.0 version of the Animaker app. 🚀

As a part of this launch, we totally revamped the app's looks and works. 🤓

Some of the newly launched features include

  • An all New Timeline
  • Audio Editor
  • Expanded Library & a lot more

To help you get adjusted to the new version of the app and also take full advantage of the new application, we have released two new Tutorials! 🎯

While the 1st tutorial teaches you how to create videos using the templates inside Animaker, the 2nd one shows you how to create a brand new video from scratch.

Learn how to create videos using the templates:

Learn how to create videos from scratch:

We hope these new tutorials help take your video-making skills to the next level. Happy Animating! 😇




(Announcement) The iOS App of Animaker is Live on PH! 🎉




Just a few days after the launch of Animaker 3.0, we are here with yet another big announcement.

Now Animaker is entering an ecosystem that has 1 Billion+ active mobile devices worldwide.

Yes, our new iOS app is going mainstream with the launch on ProductHunt.

To know more about how to create videos in just 10 seconds using your Animaker iOS App, check it out here:

Animaker iOS App is so loved by our users that even without an official launch, it has been downloaded and used by more than 50000+ users.

Here's a Promo video of Animaker iOS App:

P.S. A few upvotes from your end can significantly improve our chances of being featured at the top in Product Hunt. 🏆

So do us a favor and smash that upvote button on this link:

Say hello to Animaker 3.0 [Launch Event Recording]




The wait is over! 🤩

Yes, the all new Animaker 3.0 - A complete reimagination of the app with a plethora of features and incredible enhancement is now live!

Watch our CEO & Team Unveil Animaker 3.0 and its groundbreaking features during the launch of Animaker 3.0 here:

With more than 250 updates, Animaker 3.0 is truly phenomenal and a much needed toolkit for the new generation of video creators!

Can't wait to get your hands on the new Animaker 3.0?

Check it out here!

Unveiling Animaker 3.0 [Launch Event on 7/7/2022]





Animaker 3.0 is just round the corner!

It’s been just two years since the release of Animaker 2.0.

But we started working on 3.0’s product roadmap immediately after 2.0’s release in spite of the pandemic hitting us head-on.

Buckle up and get ready to be one of the first few users to get your hands on Animaker 3.0.

Because Animaker is reinventing Animaker and taking the biggest leap into the future. We will unveil Animaker 3.0 at the Animaker Summit happening on July 7th, 2022 at 11 AM ET. (8:30 PM IST)

Check out the teaser here!

Register here to save your seat -

[New Tutorial Alert] How to Animate a Character Without Rigging?




At Animaker, we have one goal! To make video creation as easy as possible!

That’s why we reinvented how animation videos are made!

Usually, you have two ways to create an animated video. Either you can draw frame by frame or do rigging. Both of these processes are time consuming and technically demanding.

But with Animaker you can animate characters with the click of your mouse!

If you are wondering how that's possible, here is a simple tutorial that explains how to animate without rigging.

If you liked this video, do check out our YouTube channel. You can find useful video hacks and tutorials here.

And if you do find them useful consider subscribing to our channel :)

[New Tutorial] How to create an Animated Music video in 15 mins?




You already know how Animaker can be used to create a lot of different videos like Explainer Videos, Advertisement videos, Wishes videos, and so on.

But did you know that you can create Animated music videos in Animaker?!

Yes! You heard us right.

You can create Animated Music Videos with custom characters and lyrics. If you are wondering how to do it here is the video tutorial!

If you liked this video, please check out our YouTube channel for more such content. We also share Pro level tips and tricks on our channel.

If you like what you see, please consider subscribing to the channel too :)

The wait is over!!!⌛ Introducing 50+ Plus-size characters in Animaker!




At Animaker, we always strive to put users and their requests first while expanding the feature set of the application. So we asked 1000's of our users' feedback to improve the app and we were bombarded with requests for more muscular characters, i.e, characters with different body shapes and sizes.

So, we and our design team started working on creating the plump/muscular characters right away.

After months of hard work, here we are today, with the release of Plus-size characters in the Animaker library.

We aren’t starting with just 1 or 2, but over 50 plus size characters in different costumes and professions so that our users can create any video, in the way they want.


Hold on, we didn't stop there!

As you know, Animaker always believes in providing our users with endless options to choose from! So, in addition to the pre-built plus size characters, we added the plus-size characters inside the Character builder too!

Plus size.png

Now the users can mix and match color, facial features, costumes and accessories to create billions of unique characters in different sizes.

Character Builder.png

Whether you want to use kid or aged, tall or short, slim or chubby characters in your video, we have them all. You can quickly select a character from our pre-built library or choose to create one yourself.

With these new additions to the character library, Animaker's character collection is certainly the largest in the world. You can 'literally' create and use characters just like you or the way you want in your videos.

You’re just one click away from creating and using infinite combinations of characters in your video!

Create your videos with the plus size characters now!

Animaker’s Dashboard gets a Fab Makeover [New look and New features] ✨




Animaker 2.0 has changed a lot over the last 2 years - from the wide range of feature additions to the evolution of the look and feel of the App. And today once again, we've redesigned the Dashboard to give it a simpler and more effortless aesthetic.

Why are we doing this now?

Earlier when Animaker 2.0 was launched, there was only one core product - Animaker - that the users were using to create their videos.

But now, Animaker has become a one-stop shop for all your video needs with multiple products like Character Builder, Animaker Voice, Animaker Deck, Picmaker, Vmaker, Show and Steve AI each for a specific use case as a part of your video creation process.

Our users use at least a couple of these products on any single day to create their videos. So today we wanted to take a step forward to simplify the Dashboard a bit so that the users can find what they are looking for faster and more easily. So, here are 4 things that we've introduced to the Dashboard:

1. Super easy Search button: 🔍

Our goal with search has always been to help the users quickly find what they were looking for inside the App. Previously, we had the search feature only for templates, but now we've extended the search for all the projects you create as well. All you have to do is to choose if you are searching for a Project or template and search for it, right from the Dashboard. As easy as that!


2. Precise categories to help you find the tools you need:

Like I mentioned earlier, Animaker now has a wide variety of Products for various use cases. To help you find what you are looking for more easily, we have added a precise category of products and use cases on the Dashboard that will help you to create your videos/projects quickly


3. Start creating your videos with the characters right from the Dashboard:

One of the most loved features of Animaker is its Character library and the unique characters that are part of it!🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️

Almost 95% of our users create their videos with at least 1 character in their video. To make things easier, we've introduced a new section in the Dashboard where the users can directly pick a character they want to use in their video and open it in a project. Saves your time, right?


4. Favorite your templates with a click:

Animaker has sooo many templates to choose from.

Now imagine this scenario: You see an amazing template at the end of your day and think to yourself “Damn that’s good. I am definitely going to use this for my next video”. But when the next day comes, you can’t locate the template that you liked. Imagine the frustration you would have to go through.

To overcome this problem, we've introduced a feature that lets you favorite the template you like by clicking on the heart 💟 icon on the right corner of the template. This adds the template into your 'Favorites' folder! This folder makes it super easy for you to find all the templates you’ve favorited and use them later!


The new Dashboard sounds super cool, Doesn’t it?

Check it out right away!

Introducing 'Comments' on Animaker! Give feedback, assign tasks and collaborate like never before! 💬👨‍💻




A couple of years back when the Covid pandemic just hit and while the world was moving into lockdown, Animaker 2.0 was launched. The Real time multi-user collaboration feature in Animaker 2.0, like a superhero, paved the way for the users to cope up with remote working as the world was adapting to the challenges of working from home.👩‍💻

Today, even after 2 years into the pandemic, there are still multiple lockdowns and a lot of organizations are moving into remote working models permanently. We at Animaker, foresaw this in advance and we have been working behind the scenes for the last few months to make collaboration a seamless experience.

With the Animaker's Real-time collaboration feature, the users were able to create videos on the go without the need for multiple revisions. Now we've taken it up a notch and made collaboration even simpler, yet powerful.

Yes! Now you can post comments, tag your team members and assign tasks, make and resolve suggestions, all in real time, so you can work together with your friends or teammates even more efficiently!👥

This keeps you from sending the videos back and forth for edits, looking through the series of chats and emails for suggestions from your teammates.

The new Comments section saves tons of your time and is super ideal for remote working!🤓

Now lets see how to use this collaboration feature!

  1. Click on the Comment icon (speech bubble) right next to your workspace to open the comment section. You can add your comment directly to a scene and post it.

Comments 1.png

Once you post your comment, you will also have access to edit or delete the comment you posted.

Comments 2.png

  1. If you want to add a comment to a specific item on your scene like the character/property or text, you can select the desired item/asset, click the comment icon and post your comment.

Comments 3.png

  1. You can also direct the task or comment to a specific person on your team or to the person whom you have shared the video with. Just type @ and select a user from the list to tag them in the comment. The members will be notified via email when they have been tagged.

Note: When you type @ to tag someone, you will find the list of all the people you have previously shared your Animaker videos with. If the person is not on the list, please share your video with the person and then tag them in your comment.

Comments 4.png

  1. Any user with 'Edit' access to the video can reply to your comment by clicking on the 'Reply' Button.

Comments 5.png

  1. Once the changes are made, you can resolve the comment by clicking the tick ✅ icon and Mark as resolved.

Comments 6.png

Once the comment is resolved, it will stay on the 'Resolved Comments' part in the bottom of comments section for future reference. You can also re-open the comment if necessary.

Comments 7.png

Very straightforward and easy-peasy to use right?

What are you waiting for?

Go check out the new collaboration feature now!