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Animaker updates

[All New Tutorial] How to Convert a PPT to an Animated Video?!




Whether you are a school student or a business professional, Powerpoint has been our go-to tool when it comes to making a presentation.

But no one can disagree with the fact that PPT presentations are boring and outdated in this video-driven world.

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So what about those several PPTs hibernating inside the folders of your computer?

Are you going to leave them to die?

And what about your next presentation?

Are you going to create another boring PPT?!

We got the answer to all these questions.

Convert your boring PPTs into an engaging Animated video using Animaker


Import your PPT file into Animaker, add animation effects, transitions, and music tracks and download it as a video!

As simple as that!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert your boring PPTs into an exciting animated video in just a few minutes!

No more boring presentations from now on!

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