Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Enhance your video with these Classy text formatting options! 🔠




Animaker has always been known to help its users create studio quality videos in a Jiffy. Today, Animaker has upped its game a notch by giving access to Great Typography at your fingertips! 😉

You can now transform the appearance of any text from Boring to Classy with just a click of a button.💫

How to add a text effect to your word/sentence?

From the text section of the Animaker library, select a text box and type your desired text.

Text 1.png

From the item menu of the text box, select the 'Fx' option to open the text effects settings!

Text effect 1.png

You now have the option to choose from a range of text effects like Shadow, Lift, Hollow, Glitch, Echo, Neon, Splice and Outline. Just click on a text effect and it will be automatically applied to your text.

Is that all?

Nope! As always, Animaker has provided you with a little extra on top of its already awesome feature!

You can customise the text effect feature any way you want. You can customize its color, tweak the thickness, blur, offset, transparency etc., to turn your text into the exact typography you want!

Text Effect 2.png

Seriously, the things you can do to your text with these new text effects is AMAZING!

Go check it out now!