Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing 'Comments' on Animaker! Give feedback, assign tasks and collaborate like never before! πŸ’¬πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»




A couple of years back when the Covid pandemic just hit and while the world was moving into lockdown, Animaker 2.0 was launched. The Real time multi-user collaboration feature in Animaker 2.0, like a superhero, paved the way for the users to cope up with remote working as the world was adapting to the challenges of working from home.πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Today, even after 2 years into the pandemic, there are still multiple lockdowns and a lot of organizations are moving into remote working models permanently. We at Animaker, foresaw this in advance and we have been working behind the scenes for the last few months to make collaboration a seamless experience.

With the Animaker's Real-time collaboration feature, the users were able to create videos on the go without the need for multiple revisions. Now we've taken it up a notch and made collaboration even simpler, yet powerful.

Yes! Now you can post comments, tag your team members and assign tasks, make and resolve suggestions, all in real time, so you can work together with your friends or teammates even more efficiently!πŸ‘₯

This keeps you from sending the videos back and forth for edits, looking through the series of chats and emails for suggestions from your teammates.

The new Comments section saves tons of your time and is super ideal for remote working!πŸ€“

Now lets see how to use this collaboration feature!

  1. Click on the Comment icon (speech bubble) right next to your workspace to open the comment section. You can add your comment directly to a scene and post it.

Comments 1.png

Once you post your comment, you will also have access to edit or delete the comment you posted.

Comments 2.png

  1. If you want to add a comment to a specific item on your scene like the character/property or text, you can select the desired item/asset, click the comment icon and post your comment.

Comments 3.png

  1. You can also direct the task or comment to a specific person on your team or to the person whom you have shared the video with. Just type @ and select a user from the list to tag them in the comment. The members will be notified via email when they have been tagged.

Note: When you type @ to tag someone, you will find the list of all the people you have previously shared your Animaker videos with. If the person is not on the list, please share your video with the person and then tag them in your comment.

Comments 4.png

  1. Any user with 'Edit' access to the video can reply to your comment by clicking on the 'Reply' Button.

Comments 5.png

  1. Once the changes are made, you can resolve the comment by clicking the tick βœ… icon and Mark as resolved.

Comments 6.png

Once the comment is resolved, it will stay on the 'Resolved Comments' part in the bottom of comments section for future reference. You can also re-open the comment if necessary.

Comments 7.png

Very straightforward and easy-peasy to use right?

What are you waiting for?

Go check out the new collaboration feature now!