Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing 'Smart Thumbnails' to make your videos clickable on all platforms!🖱️👆




A thumbnail is an image that gives a person a sneak peek into what your video is about.👀

So, aren’t thumbnails the most important factor that makes your videos click worthy?

Yes, and I can hear you say that there are numerous applications that can help you create attractive thumbnails for your videos. What does Animaker have to do with it?

Well, here’s the thing. Except for a very few platforms like Youtube or Instagram which lets you upload custom thumbnail images, we've noticed that in all other apps that the thumbnail of the video is often the first frame of your video.

How many times have we seen a Black or White frame as the video thumbnail as we scroll through the Whatsapp forwards wondering what the video is about?


To tackle this ‘dumb’ thumbnail problem, we're introducing 'Smart thumbnails' in Animaker, which lets you select a custom thumbnail for every video you create.

Yes, for every video you can select a frame of the video as a thumbnail or you can upload a custom image from your PC/ Laptop as a thumbnail.

To add a thumbnail to your video, move the play head on the timeline to the instance you want to be used as the thumbnail.


Now, click the dropdown menu on the top left corner and select ‘Smart Thumbnail’

FAQ 2.png

Once you select that, you also have the option to set the current frame of the scene as a thumbnail or to upload an image of your choice from your PC/Laptop as the thumbnail image.

FAQ 3.png

Once the thumbnail is set, it will be added to the video’s Metadata and you will see the thumbnail image on all the platforms where the video is shared.

All it takes is just a click of a button to select the custom thumbnail for your videos!

Create a smart thumbnail for your video now!

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