Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing AI Powered BG Removal and Stickerify tool





Have you ever wanted to remove the background of the image you uploaded to use in your video?

And then went on a wild goose search to find a decent enough BG removal tool only to return with despair?

Well worry no more!

Introducing AI Powered Background removal tool right inside Animaker.

How does it work?

  1. Upload any image of your choice or choose an image from the millions of stock images available in the Animaker library.

  2. Select the FX option from your item menu to open FX settings

  3. Click on Remove Background option to open the BG removal tool


  1. With an AI powered technology, the objects in the image will be automatically detected. Select the objects which you want to appear once the background is removed


  1. When you click ‘Next’ the background of the image will be removed and only the objects you selected on the previous step will appear on the scene. You can refine it manually to create smooth cut out edges of the image


And click done. It's that easy!

Hold on…You don't have to just stop with BG removal. As you know Animaker always gives you a lot more handy features to create stunning videos.

You can now use the Stickerify tool from the FX settings to make a sticker of your image by adding borders to it.


You can also change the border color and size!


Once you are fine with the effect, click done. You will see that the image on the workspace now has the sticker effect applied. You can use this image just like any other sticker on your videos.


Try out these new features now!