Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Introducing Ppt to Video Converter for 500 Million Users Worldwide!🌏




The one tool that is critically used everywhere, right from Business Meetings to School Projects, by almost 500 Million People worldwide is 'PowerPoint'.

Though Powerpoint is the most go-to commonplace tool, we can't deny the fact that it becomes almost completely useless in a rapidly changing world taken over by social media.πŸ“±

So, companies spend long hours converting their PPTs to videos for the growing needs in video communication.

To solve this biggest problem faced by almost half a billion people and to save tons of their time, we are launching the State of the art 'PPT to Video Converter' in Animaker!


Though there are many online tools to convert the ppt to video by just adding dull transitions and boring Animations, what makes Animaker's 'PPT to Video Converter' State of the Art?

Once you import your ppt into Animaker, it lets you take the quality of the content to the next level with the Amazing features that Animaker has in store.

You can add even more zest to your presentation with the features like

  • A Super Powerful character builder to create billions of Characters and personalize your videos πŸ‘«
  • One Click Animation using 'Smart Move' to animate the properties and text instantly πŸ’«
  • Library of Wacky gifs and Stickers to Zhoosh up your videos πŸš€
  • 100 Million + stock assets in one place to create your videos just the way you want πŸ‘Ύ
  • 30k+ curated music tracks used by the greatest content creators 🎢

and a lot more to create videos that truly pack a punch.

Here's a quick look on how this feature enhances you ppt and turn it into an amazing Video:



That was pretty cool, isn't it?

How to use the PPT to Video feature in Animaker?

  1. Create a New Video Project from your Dashboard.


  1. On the Menu Bar on top, click on File and then Select 'Import PPT’'


  1. Import your PPT in .pptx format and follow the Onscreen instructions to add the transitions, enter/exit effects and Music tracks of your choice.



The AI tool will do the heavy lifting and create a video for you in a matter of seconds.

You can further shape up your video by adding Characters, Gifs, Animations and a lot more!

The PPT to Video Converter makes your work a breeze, isn't it?

What are you waiting for? Capture ideas and bring them to life with the 'PPT to Video Converter' now!

Check it out!