Animaker updates
Animaker updates

It's time to Revisit the Wild! 1000+ New Animations added to the library! πŸ¦πŸ’




Just a while ago Animaker launched the Smart, Well Groomed, Professional looking Animal characters to help you put your imagination and script into reality.

Since then, we were relentlessly working on expanding the potential/capabilities of these animal characters. Because, we at Animaker always believe in providing our users with endless options to choose from.

The best part about Animaker characters is that each of them have unique personalities and actions. For instance, the Elephant character came with actions that can depict research or investigation while the Dog character can depict actions like spying etc.

The feedback we received for it from you users was great, and so we decided to spoil you with a lot more new actions for the animal character.

So today, we are here to announce 1000+ new actions to the Animal characters.


Yes, you heard that right! We have launched over 1000 new actions.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Animal Actions.gif

Be it a Police Tiger, who does a great job in solving mysteries, or a Doctor Penguin who can examine x-rays or a Master chef Piggy, we got it covered for you all.

These 1000+ actions are listed under major categories like Technology, Professional, and Casual so you can easily browse and pick the action you need.

How can I access these new animations?


Firstly, select the Animal character you wish to use in your video. Simply scroll down and realize that the animation library is now easily among the largest in the world.

Now go on! :)

Play around with the new animations to create your next big masterpiece.

We hope this helps you make some of the best videos the world has ever seen.

Check out the new animations to the animal characters now!