Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Make your presentations 'Clickable' in just a click!





Without question Animaker Deck has some super cool features to help you create wow worthy presentations!🤩

To add even more zest to your presentation, we are introducing the Hyperlink feature that lets you convert any text, property or character into a hyperlink in just a single click.

Just click on the element (textbox, character or property) to which you want to add hyperlink and switch the Hyperlink toggle on from the settings.


With this new feature,

  • You can link the element to a website (or)

  • You can link the element to any other slide in your current presentation

Once you toggle the hyperlink option on, a drop down will appear with two options. Website and Slides.


If you choose the website option, you can add the url to the website in the textbox below.

If you choose the slides option, you can select the exact slide number to which you want the link to jump to.


It’s as simple as that!

Try out the new feature in Animaker Deck!