Animaker updates
Animaker updates

Step 'Into the Wild' with the return of the Animal Characters!πŸ’ 🦊 🦁





The wait is over!

Yes, the Smart, Well-groomed, Professional looking Animal characters we so missed from the Mad Scientist comic series are now available in Animaker 2.0!

Yayyy! πŸŽ‰

Animals 2.png

Boris the Bear, Henry the Elephant, Bobby the cow, T-bone the dog, Benjamin the cat, Randolf the wolf, Alan the lion and Appu the monkey are some of the Animals that are now available in the library each with an unique personality and some extraordinary skills.

With these new additions to the library, you can make a lasting impression on your sales prospect or your boss or your teachers! What can be cooler than a suited elephant presenting the product to your consumers!

Let your imagination run wild and create an amazing video that no one can ever forget! 🀩

Oh, did I forget to mention? They even have the ability to change their colors!

Change Color.png

Want to know more about the potential of these Animal characters?

Animate them now and find it yourself!

I'm sure you will be astonished!