Animaker updates
Animaker updates

The wait is over!!!⌛ Introducing 50+ Plus-size characters in Animaker!




At Animaker, we always strive to put users and their requests first while expanding the feature set of the application. So we asked 1000's of our users' feedback to improve the app and we were bombarded with requests for more muscular characters, i.e, characters with different body shapes and sizes.

So, we and our design team started working on creating the plump/muscular characters right away.

After months of hard work, here we are today, with the release of Plus-size characters in the Animaker library.

We aren’t starting with just 1 or 2, but over 50 plus size characters in different costumes and professions so that our users can create any video, in the way they want.


Hold on, we didn't stop there!

As you know, Animaker always believes in providing our users with endless options to choose from! So, in addition to the pre-built plus size characters, we added the plus-size characters inside the Character builder too!

Plus size.png

Now the users can mix and match color, facial features, costumes and accessories to create billions of unique characters in different sizes.

Character Builder.png

Whether you want to use kid or aged, tall or short, slim or chubby characters in your video, we have them all. You can quickly select a character from our pre-built library or choose to create one yourself.

With these new additions to the character library, Animaker's character collection is certainly the largest in the world. You can 'literally' create and use characters just like you or the way you want in your videos.

You’re just one click away from creating and using infinite combinations of characters in your video!

Create your videos with the plus size characters now!